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14 Mart Tıp Bayramı - Bonvagon

14 March Medical Day

(14 March Medical Day)
At that time, Istanbul was occupied.
On March 14, 1919, medical students who had the opportunity to open the first Faculty of Medicine held a ceremony. 
The British invaders, the Red Cross officials were there. Young Medical Director Dr. Memduh Necdet gave a speech on behalf of Turkish, Greek, Armenian and Jewish medics, looking into the eyes of the commanders of the British occupation troops.
"We confess that istanbul, especially its heart and brain, is going through a terrible depression in this minute. But we are not afraid... We're here, we're going to stay here... Istanbul is ours; ... Because the plan is here..."
I just need a third time. Hikmet Bey, a young medical student who is a student of the class, protested on the same day and hung a large Turkish Flag between the two towers of Mekteb-i Medical-i Wonderful. The occupying forces intervened and Dr. Hikmet was wounded in the firefight.  That is why March 14th has been declared a medical holiday, and although this day is not well known, it is a holiday of sacrifice, courage and resistance.
This excited young physician candidate also attended the Sivas congress representing medical schools. Dr. Hikmet beyin's speech to Ataturk on the night of September 9, 1919 is unforgettable.
"Pasham... If you accept the idea of buffalo, we will reject you, name Mustafa Kemal as a homeland sinker, not a homeland savior, and call you tel."
He was the father of the late Orhan Boran, a young medical man who later took the surname Boran.
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