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18 Mart Çanakkale Zaferi ve Şehitleri Anma Günü - Bonvagon

March 18 Çanakkale Victory and Martyrs' Day

This year, 105th anniversary of Çanakkale Victory is celebrated. This great struggle that changed the course of history and ignited the torch of the War of Independence is once again celebrated with enthusiasm.


We should realize the struggle in unity, solidarity and integrity as a nation for the preservation of this holy beautiful homeland and the wave of our flag, and we owe a debt to our ancestors who entrusted this beautiful homeland to us.

The heroic memories of our cherished martyrs and veterans who will always live in our hearts will be the greatest guarantee of the survival of our Republic, which was entrusted to us by the Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. Happy Çanakkale Victory, we gratefully commemorate our dear martyrs.

Çanakkale Victory is an epic in which high virtues such as patriotism, sacrifice and courage are exhibited heroically. Happy this honorable day of our Turkish nation.

Who would not be sacrificed for the sake of the heavenly homeland that? To gush Martyrs land tighter the şüheda. We commemorate our martyrs with respect and gratitude.

Çanakkale Naval Victory is the heroic epic of the Turkish nation, which has a distinctive feature in the First World War, changed the course of history and did not hesitate to lose their lives for the sake of independence. Happy Çanakkale Victory, we gratefully commemorate our dear martyrs.

Victory of Canakkale; It is a magnificent epic of the Turkish nation that ramped up to protect their homeland.

We celebrate the 18 March Çanakkale Naval Victory and commemorate our dear martyrs with gratitude and respect.

This land that you come and step on without knowing stop passengers is where an era sinks. Happy Çanakkale victory.

Çanakkale Victory is an exemplary heroic epic of the independence and love of sovereignty of a nation that has risen to protect its homeland.

18 March 1915 is the creation date of an epic woven with faith, determination and valor, rather than being a military and political achievement in Turkish history. Happy victory ...

Our nation will never forget its martyrs and veterans who gave their lives for the protection of our holy homeland, and will honor the sacred heritage they left, our homeland and our flag.


All the soldiers who fought with me here should know for sure that there is no one step back in order to complete the honor duty given to us. I remind all of you that seeking sleep and rest will cause not only ours, but our entire nation to be deprived of this rest forever. (Mustafa Kemal Atatürk)

Çanakkale Victory is an example of amazement and congratulation to the poet who showed the spiritual power of the Turkish soldier. You must be sure that it is this high spirit that won the Battle of Çanakkale. (Mustafa Kemal Atatürk)

There are two ominous things in the war. One of them is to load the stone wall blindly, the other is to distribute the forces to some separate and unconnected operations and blind them. We are in danger of doing these two folly. (British Prime Minister Asquith)

I had hoped the Fleet would be successful without the help of the army; but now I understand that a joint operation is necessary in this business. (Churchill)

The Turks stood like a fortress against the forces with the most advanced technique of the age that forced Çanakkale. (Churchill)

The appreciation and merit of this Turkish continent for the courage, steadfastness and courage of the senate are beyond every doubt. With the fire of the navy, they maintained their position in countless battles against a very brave enemy attack, who was the most effective. (German General Uman von Sanders)

There are no soldiers in Europe, I underline this statement, so that it can be compared with the Turks. The Germans can be considered to be very good at defending. But even they can't be compared to turks in the trenches. For example, I would like to mention Gallipoli. If the continents that suffered great losses with our ship fires there were not Turks. They could not stay in place and would be immediately replaced. However, the Turks remained in place for the entire battle. (General Tawshend)

The Turks and Germans in the Dardanelles also aroused the quiet days that followed March 18th, astonishment and then, great joy. Morale was extremely high. The damage to the castles and taboos was also easily removed, but the ammo status of the heavy batteries remained serious. (Robert Rhodes James)

The Dardanelles defense is a battle of three miracles. He saved the state; he returned his greatness and greatness to the past; He made our homeland eternal. (Sami Pashazade Sezai)

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