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Shipping and Cargo Policy

Bonvagon line
The items you buy are normally shipped within 7 business days. If your order has to be produced in private or different suppliers, the delivery date may vary. For delivery dates, please note the specific delivery dates we describe in our related product pages.
If you change your mind after delivery, or if you are not satisfied you can use your entitlement for free Cayma 30 days as well as free Change or Gift Voucher.

Use of the right to return:

a) The invoice of the product delivered to the Buyer (the invoice of the desired product to be returned is corporate must be sent together with the return invoice to which the organization has been edited.

Invoice Order Refunds on behalf of institutions will not be completed if the return invoice is not discontinued)

b) Stuffed signed on the invoice must be informed about the return of returns,

c) The box of products to be returned must be delivered again with complete and undamaged, with standard accessories, if applicable, if applicable. For the health of all of us, there is no change or refund in mask products.

D) The seller is obliged to return the certificates of the Cayma notification to him at the latest at the latest in 10-day period and return the documents to the buyer to the Buyer and receive a return on a 20-day period.

to) If a reduction in the value of the goods is due to the value of the goods, or if the return is impossible, it is obliged to compensate the Damage of the Seller.

Please browse the distance to our contract for detail information. 

f) The product that is prepared in this wayBonvagon Product Return and Exchange PageThe return process can be initiated by providing information over.

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