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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to answer the questions that are frequently asked by us, in terms of your convenience. If you have any other questionsdestek@bonvagon.comfrom the address.
  • Why should I be a member
You must be a member of Bonjagon to buy products and services that will make your life more enjoyable without disturbing the tempo of your daily life, without getting tired and tired of your store search. You can also reach more convenience, such as all cargo tracking, order information, items from your final review, return and cancellation of your final review from the My Account page after you become a member.
  • Membership paid?
It is free to become a member of the Bonjagon.
  • How can I be a member
To become a member of the Bonjagon After you have signed up by clicking on the 'Make Entry' option on our homepage, simply fill in the relevant fields on the dropdown page.
  • How can I cancel my membership?
For cancellation of your membership address or contact our customer service at +90 216 314 07 02.
  • I forgot my membership password. What should I do?
Leaving your email address on the "Password renewal" link on the member home page will be sent to your link address of the page where you can create your new membership password.
  • I'm a member, but I can't access the site
Make sure you enter your email address correctly. If you did not receive a "welcome" theme from Bonjagon during the membership, you may have entered your email address incorrectly. (check spam or junk boxes while checking your email).
  • Is shopping safe?
Bonvagon offers you a world-class security system and network. In order to ensure your transaction security, innovations in online shopping systems are being pursued every day, and security standards are implemented at the highest level. Because of this, you can shop with the comfort of the Bonjagon, which is among the most reliable shopping sites.
  • Do you have a physical store?
No. Unfortunately, due to pandemit/epidemic, we shut down all our stores and ended their operations.
  • Are the product prices in your stores the same as on your website?
Our price policy has been determined to be the same for every store. However, we can sometimes apply ad hoc discount campaigns on our website. For this reason, we recommend that you subscribe to the e-newsletter subscription located at the bottom of our site and be aware of the discounts and innovations.
  • Do you make overseas submissions?
Yes, you can access the detail information from under the "International" menu title.
  • How do I change my email address?
If you want to change your email address, you must be a member again with a new account.
  • How can I follow my order?
You can follow your order from the "My Orders" section on the "My Account" page or the "Cargo Tracking" link located at the bottom of the page.
  • How do I change my order address?
You can change your addresses at any time from the My Account page, and you can create a new address by clicking on the new address button when the "Invoice and Delivery Address" screen arrives at the time of the order.
  • Am I able to combine my orders?
Yes. The products and services you select from different fields can be merged into a single basket.
  • How much is the Order Delivery Time?
Your orders are prepared within the time specified under the agreement of the brands, and will be delivered to your side within the delivery time of the Cargo Company.
  • Undeliverable orders?
The shipping firm does all kinds of information and follow-up to deliver your order to the address you have specified. A note is left notifying you that if you are not found in your address, you can receive your package from the nearest branch. If you do not receive your package from the specified branch within 3 days, your order will be returned to Bonvagon.
  • What payment shapes can I shop with?
You can shop at our internet site and store with your credit card or cash/remittance.
  • Is it possible to do an installment with a credit card?
We have the opportunity to put it on credit cards for the banks that we have agreed to. If there is, you can see the instalment options on the credit card payment page.
  • Does the price of the products I receive include VAT?
Every product on the Bonvagon website and its stores are offered for sale with pricing including VAT.
  • How do you ensure credit card security in payments?
Payment is facilitated through secure SSL encryption by our payment service provider and the banks that we have agreed to. Your personal payment information is definitely not held in Bonjagon, it is not forwarded to third parties and is not shared with third parties.
  • How do I cancel my order?
You can cancel your order before it is shipped. For cancellation of your order address or contact our customer service at +90 216 314 07 02.
  • What am I supposed to do when I want to return the product I bought?

Return of the right to return:

a) The invoice of the product delivered to the ALICI (if the invoice of the product requested to be returned is corporate, the institution to which the institution is refunded should be submitted) along with the receipt of the invoice.

Invoice order refunds organized on behalf of the institutions will not be completed unless the RETURN INVOICE has been discontinued)

b) Information about the signed return charged on the invoice should be available,

c) The box of products to be returned must be delivered in a resold state, complete and undamaged, along with the packaging, if any, standard accessories. For all of us ' health, in mask products, change or return is not accepted.

d) The SELLER is responsible for returning the total cost and the recipient to the ALICI within a 10-day period at the latest in the event that the declaration of the deterrence has reached itself, and the return of the goods within a 20-day period.

e) BUYER is obliged to compensate the SELLER for damages at the rate of defect if there is a reduction in the value of the property due to the BUYER defect or if the return becomes impossible.

Please check out our Distance Sales Agreement for details. 

f) This is how the product is prepared Bonwagon Product Return and Exchange Pagethe extradition process is initiated by providing information through it.

  • Are checks and points refunded on the return of the item I purchased with gift vouchers or discount vouchers?
Your gift vouchers and discount vouchers that you have used on your returned orders will be uploaded back to your account following confirmation of your return.
  • How long after the return is the payment reflected in my account?
Your return product cost is immediately deposited in your bank once the product you have returned has been checked to comply with the terms of return. It is reflected in your account as a DEA Group refund within 3 to 5 working days, depending on your agreement with your bank.

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