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Yurtdışı Gönderim / International Shipping

Bonvagon line
Just Add Products to your cart, insert your contact info and address after you become a member. THEN, PLEASE CONCLUDE YOUR PURCHASE by "Western UNION" Option and Send The Total Amount Via Western Union
Receiver: Demet Ersipahi Candemir, Istanbul, Turkey.
Please Send Your MTCN no to
We are collaborating with PTT (Turkish Postal Service) Air Cargo Service to Deliver Your Items Horse Your Door.

For Now The Shipping Weight Limit is 20kg. SO, please check Back Your Shopping List if you are exceceed this limit.

PTT HAS integrated Tracking System with All Domestic Carriers.

We are happy to reach our products abroad and serve you.

You can give us your orders with Western UNION.
Buyer / Receiver: Demet Ersipahi Candemir, Istanbul, Turkey.
Don't forget to copy the MTCN number and send it to

With PTT Aircraft Cargo, we are comfortably delivering your orders up to 20kg. If you exceed this weight, please try again on your shopping list.

We wish delightful purchases.

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