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Zamanı Durduran 12 Saat Modeli - Bonvagon

Time-Stopping 12-Hour Model

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The Time-Stopping 12-Hour Model. Time is our only treasure that we always want to win, that we don't like to lose, that we love to enjoy, but that we can't replace when we lose.

From the moment man is born, time and therefore his life begin to flow like water. Every day towards the absolute end makes sense of our lives, while every sun that is born heralds us that we have a new 24 hours.

24 hours is when one slices time with one's own hand to better appreciate the time at hand. In this way, one lives more efficiently with the awareness that he has 24 hours each day and can use his time with conscious awareness.

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The new communication technologies that came into our lives have reduced the time we spend buying our needs quite a lot. With the existing e-commerce, reaching a product we wanted, finding and examining its alternatives began to happen much faster than the classic store purchase. We can now shop at the venue and an e-commerce site that we rely on regardless of what time of day it is. In addition to this development, mobile phone and credit card technologies have become much more suitable and secure for e-commerce with the development of smartphones. Now we even supply our daily needs from our mobile phones. Thus, we had the opportunity to use the 24-hour time frame much more efficiently, to make our purchases faster and to spend more time with ourselves and our loved ones.

So we've made time.

So do e-commerce sites actually realize they're selling time?

As Bonvagon, we are aware of this and we are designing our entire ecosystem to bring you the most valuable product, time, the right concept, the right product, the right communication and the right procurement processes. How's that? We try to analyze the tastes, tastes and preferences of Bonvagon customers very well. For this reason, we take very seriously the feedback we receive from our store sales systems, communication and interaction through social media and the wishes of our customers who reach us through special means without fatigue.

With the awareness that the most valuable product we sell is Zaman, we do not fill our website or stores with every product. With the awareness that terms such as all, everything, whatever you want, hundreds of thousands of products and thousands of suppliers are actually wasping our customers, we carefully select and sell our home decoration, personal accessories, souvenirs and dowry products in our refined collections. Unfortunately for us, the number of customers who prefer this approach and like our style is increasing day by day.

We wish you a pleasant time with us.

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