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Türklerde Yeni Yıl ve Yılbaşı Kutlaması - Bonvagon

New Year and New Year Celebrations in Turks

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Turks have been celebrating the New Year and New Year's Eve by decorating Akçam trees, lighting a fire and dancing since the first times they started to appear on the history pages. This special day is called "Nardugan Holiday". Nardugan Feast has been named in various ways in different Turkish communities. "Koyaş Tuga", "Nardugan", "Mardugan", "Raştua", "Nartavan", "Nartukan", "Nardava", "Nardvan" are some of these names.

On the day of the celebration, people wear new clothes. All relatives come together and special meals are prepared. In ancient Turkish Astrology, every year between 21-22 December, the day fights night and the sun finally prevails. The new year is celebrated on the first full moon after this victory. This holiday is a "Feast of Rebirth" for our ancestors. 

The belief of the "Tree of Life" of the ancient Turks was symbolized by the Akçam tree that does not shed its leaves in summer and winter. There is also a "Pine Feast" celebrated in Turkish history since ancient times.

The decoration of the Akçam tree has been under the tree during the ceremony. gifts Making wishes for the New Year by tying colored cloth pieces to the tree proves that there is a Turkish influence in the European "Christmas Tree" tradition. Today, the number of “Wish Trees” continues in some villages. New Year celebrations and tree decoration passed from Turks to Sumerians and from there to European societies through Anatolia.

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Source: History in Turkish


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