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10 Ev Dekorasyon Trendi - Bonvagon

10 Home Decoration Trends

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10 Home Decoration Trends for 2019

Figen Erdağ Demircan gave information about 2019 decoration trends. Here are the home decoration trends of 2019 ...

  1. It may be very contrary to the technology-oriented appearance of 2018, but 2019 will be the year of natural materials such as concrete, granite and stone. These elements will add a fresher, more peaceful ambiance to the environment. Especially when true greenery from nature is combined with flowers.
  2. Velvet had been overlooked for many years. However, it will attract attention again this year. Velvet is back in fashion, especially in sofas.
  3. Floral patterns will be seen a lot this year as well. However, be prepared for exaggerated large patterns and contrasting colors.
  4. Rose gold color was very popular in 2018. In 2019, we will see less rose and more copper tones. It will be possible to see many metallic objects in the houses.
  5. Black and white, one of the trends affecting all times, will be our favorite again. Living room, kitchen, bedroom ... It is possible to adapt it anywhere.
  6. The blue and green tones leave their dominance to the shades of red. Shades of red are ideal for creating a contrasting image.
  7. Like floral patterns, geometric patterns will be among the favorites of 2019. Again, be prepared for too large geometric patterns, strong colors. A single geometric pattern in a plain space can create a very dramatic effect.
  8. Vintage lightings will appear in 2019 decoration among the trends. Especially copper lighting will be seen a lot.
  9. Yellow is a color that gives happiness, joy and confidence. However, it is not possible to cope with every tone. This year, "burnt yellow" will appear in abundance. This color, which does not tire the eyes, can be seen on textile products or as a wall color.
  10. The "chic" fashion of the seventies is back. It will be possible to put the houses in the mood of the 70s with warm colors and patterns that we can call funky, or to refer to those years with small touches.
    Source: Hürriyet
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