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B Home Portable SprayEd Room Scent Pencil Shaped, Fruit Flavored, Italian Design

by B Home
SKU 19719B
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Portable sprayed room smell pencil shaped, fruit flavored, italian design
The pen shaped practical spray perfume you can carry on you. Your textile or room destroys unwanted odors of cigarette, food, moisture, pet and similar. Italy is produced by Italian designers. You can squeeze into sneakers. You can use the pet beds for the fragrances. In the car, you can squeeze into the seat, ceiling, mat and trunk. . The product with a capacity of 8 mL is fruit flavor.
You can spray the bottle at a distance of 10cm. From your room, your car is a spray perfume covering your shoes on your shoes to your bed linen. Does not make a stain. Accessories in the visual are not included in the product.
Material: PVC
Color: transparent

Will be able to be supplied after feast due to full closure.
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