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Palo Santo Incense

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Palo Santo incense

How do you use Palo Santo?
We use your Palo Santo tree parts differently than the chemical tobacco we know of. Each part has a number of times to use. We burn the pieces of wood or burn the end of the match with the match aid, and we make sure to catch fire up to 30 seconds. Then you blow out the fire at the end, and we take the smoke out in our house and on top of us, or we take advantage of a 1-2 minute smoke, preferably with a tilted angle in a bowl. And once we're out, we can take advantage of the same piece many times.

Let's get to know some of these pieces of wood that are considered miraculous that you'll fall in love with the smell.

The Shamans all over Ecuador and South America, especially at ceremonies in the forest, use this wood smoke to clean up the energy of a person or a place. Everyone in Ecuador knows that if you burn palo santo in your home, it will be blessed with good energy, it will help you, your family, your projects. The smell of Palo Santo puts you in a good meditative state. Drinking the tea of this wood is good to stimulate the immune system and fight the inflammation. Burning dried wood from the mystic palo santo tree and collecting dense oils, the tree ' s spiritual practices have been in public medicines and shamans for centuries ("physicians") It is widely used. Wood derived from Palo santo trees is also usually burned as incense, and is used to make a natural mosquito repellent (like cytronella oil) because it has aromatic resins and volatile oils.

Similar to other incensed, the smell burned by burning the pallets of the palo santo tree keeps the insects and spiritual "bad energy" away according to the mystics. Palo Santo Benefits Immunity and Reduces Inflammation.

Today, palo santo trees are widely cultivated and collected, so that their wood can be used to produce bottled volatile oil through vapor distillation. In addition to mental health practices, Palo santo offers promising benefits when it comes to increasing immunizations and fighting diseases. As a rich antioxidant and phytochemical source called terpines, including Limonen and Rep-terpineol, concentrated palo santo oil is effective in fighting the free radical damage (also called oxidative stress), reducing stomach pains, fighting stress, and reducing pain related to arthritis and recovery.

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