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Ministry of Internal Affairs Circular on Full Closing Measures


After the increasing contagiousness of the Covid-19 Virus, the new variants of the coronavirus (Covid-19) with the increasing contagiousness of the coronavirus (Covid-19) in terms of the social health and public order in terms of control and the decisions taken in the Presidential Cabinet meeting dated 13 April 2021. In line with the two weeks of Wednesday, the two weeks of partial closing process was entered.

The basic procedures and principles at the point of the point are 14.04.2021 and after the partial closure measures that are determined by our circulation of 6638 and the rate of increase in the release of the release of the epidemic, while in recent days, it is seen that a decline trend.

In this context, in line with the decisions taken at the Presidential Cabinet of the President of our President in 26.04.2021; In the partial shutdown measures that are currently implemented, new precautions are added to the full closure period. It is evaluated that the following measures should be taken in the full closure period of 17 May 2021 on Thursday, on April 19.00.


In addition to the measures mentioned in our circular 6638 on 14.04.2021 and 6638 during the full closure period;


  1. Curtain restriction


Weekday Weekend 29th April 2021 will be applied on Thursday on Thursday and 17th May 2021 on Monday at 05.00 to be completed at 05.00.


1.1- Curling restrictions will be exempted from the places and individuals specified in the Annex, in order to ensure the continuity of production, manufacturing, supply and logistics chains, to ensure the continuity of health, agriculture and forest activities.


The exemptions for the street restriction are clearly stated in our circulation of 14.12.2020 and in our circulation on the course of 20799, which is limited to time and route, otherwise, the abuse of exemptions will be subject to administrative / judicial sanctions.


1.2- Bakkal, Market, Manav, Butcher, Kuruese, Market, Manav, Butcher, Nuts and Sweeters can operate between 10.00-17.00 and the closest grocery store, provided to the residence of our citizens (excluding our disability citizens), provided to meet the mandatory needs of our citizens. , butcher, nuts and sweeters will be able to go to.


The same time between grocery, market, manav, butchers, nuts, sweeters and online orders will be able to sell to the homes / address.


The above-mentioned application will be valid six days of the week for the chain and super markets, the chain markets will remain off Sundays.


1.3- In the days of the curtain restraint, eating-drinking locations (restaurants such as restaurants, restaurants, cafes, patisseries) are only available in the form of package service.


Online meal order companies with eating and drinking places will be able to serve the package on the basis of 24 hours until Thursday 13 May 2021 on the end of the month of Ramadan. Within-eating places, online food order companies will be able to serve up to 01.00 o'clock with the end of Ramadan.


1.4- With the furnace and / or baked finished workplaces where bread production was made during the full closure period, only bread selling dealers will be open (only bread and bakery products can be sold in these workplaces.). Our citizens will be able to go to the oven, which is within walking distance of (excluding our disabled citizens), provided that the bread and baked finished needs are not to be met.


Bakery and Baked Mamul-licensed workplaces with bread distribution tools are served only to the grocery store and the street will not be sold between the street.


1.5- All commercial business, workplace and / or offices are off, except for the work places within the basis of the basic food, drug and cleaning products, where the above mentioned basic food, medicine and cleaning products are sold during the curtain restrictions, and all commercial business, workplace and / or offices will be closed except for exemption in order to dismiss the production, manufacturing, supply and logistics chains. face-to-face service will not be provided.


1.6- In the period to be applied to the curtain restriction, the reservation of accommodation facilities will not provide all of our citizens in terms of citizens and / or inter-cities travel restrictions, and in this period, accommodation facilities will be able to serve those who receive the travel permit to the travel permit.


1.7- The exemption of strangers on strangers only includes foreigners in our country for temporary / short periods within the scope of tourist activities; Residence permit, temporary protection status or international protection applications and foreign activities, including international protection applications and status owners, are subject to allegation restrictions in our country.


1.8- The basic needs of our citizens that are not able to meet their needs in the full closing process or the basic needs of our citizens in advanced age groups or heavy diseases will be met by the number of social support groups, and the necessary measures in terms of the need to be assigned to the personnel of the personnel and the necessary measures in terms of the elimination of the needs. Will be taken by the prefects.


  1. Cities travel restriction


The curb restriction will be applied on 29 April 2021 on Thursday, 17 May 2021, until 05.00, our citizens are not allowed to be permitted to the intercities of our citizens.


2.1- Exceptions of inter-cities travel restriction;


Within the scope of the performance of a compulsory public task, public officials (inspectors, auditors, etc.), which is assigned by the relevant ministry or public institution or organization, will be exempted from this provision provided to submit the task document.


Applications to participate in the first-degree side of the first degree or his wife to participate in the funeral of the first-degree side or his brother's funeral, e-Application or Alo 199 systems in the E-government door of the e-government door (up to 9 people in relatives will be able to be notified) Automatically confirmed by the system without losing time will be automatically approved and the necessary travel permit to the funeral will be created.


Any documentation from our citizens to apply within the scope of funeral transportation and definations will not be desired and the required inquiry on the integration provided by the Ministry of Health will be made automatically before the travel permit document is arranged.


2.2- Conditions to be counted;


The treatment is discharged from the hospital, who wants to return to the original residence, and / or have a previously taken doctor's appointment / control,

Himself or his wife, to the first degree or to his brother who treated the hospital (up to 2 people),

With the last 5 days to be found in the last 5 days, I want to return to the residential places where they were in the last 5 days (the journey ticket in which it comes within 5 days, the vehicle plate, which shows the vehicle, the document, showing his trip with information),

That will participate in central examinations by ÖSYM,

Wanting to return to settlements by completing the military service,

With an invitation of private or public-to-day contract,

Releasing from the institutions of punishment execution,

Will be accepted that people are required.


2.3- Our citizens are documenting this situation in the presence of the above mentioned conditions; E-Reference on the E-State, e-Application and Alo 199 systems will be able to travel via the Governorate / Refrility Boards. The contacts of the travel permit will be exempt from the curb restraint during travel times.


2.4- In the exact closing process, all kinds of measures will be taken to decide by quickly evaluating the travel permit claims, especially in our Governor and the Governor and the Governor, with a sufficient number of personnel to be assessed by our governor and the governors.


2.5- The ticketing process will be carried out if there is a valid travel permit to be controlled before the ticketing device will be checked before the aircraft, train, ship or bus can be traveled in the specified period.


The aircraft, train, vessels or buses such as public transportation tools such as passengers will be taken to the vehicles before the acceptance of the vehicles will be taken and may be taken in the vehicle if there is no objectionable situation.


2.6- Transportation of public transport between cities (excluding aircraft); The passenger of the passenger carrying capacity specified in the vehicle license will be able to accept the passengers and the passengers within the vehicle will be the seating of the passengers (1 full 1 empty) to prevent the contact with each other.


  1. In the full closing process, the minimum staff will be deducted to the minimum staff level in public institutions and organizations, except for critical task areas such as health, security, emergency call (minimum staff levels will not exceed 50% of the total number of personnel) will be switched on to remote or alternately.


In this period;


Public personnel subject to remote and transformed study will not be separated from residents except for our other citizens, due to not having any special exemption.

Public institutions and organizations will be organized by the authorized administrator for the public personnel who will be tasked in the services of the service buildings / places will be organized and exemption limited to the route between the substitution between the substitution and the place of work.


  1. Interestial mobility is mandatory to be mandatory to be mandatory in accordance with the departure of agricultural workers, livestock and beekeeping activities, necessary measures to be taken simultaneously in the coordination of the Department of Agriculture and Forestry in order to be moved in accordance with the opposite of epidemic and beekeeping activities. In our ministry of livestock and beekeeping activities, it will be published on 03.04.2020 and the principles determined in our circular 6202 until a new circular is published.


  1. The full-day will be responsible for the implementation of the street restriction measure in the housing sites will be responsible to ensure the implementation of the site administrations will be given to the residences of people (especially children and young people) that are not allowed in the site.


  1. In this context, it will be given specific importance to the feeding of street animals during the curlew period, the necessary measures to feed the necessary coordination by local governments, relevant public institutions and organizations by the Governor / Kaymakams, and the necessary measures to feed the street animals, for this purpose, the park, garden, forest Natural of street animals such as

Mama, feed, food and water will be left regularly to their habitat.


  1. Increasing the effectiveness of audit activities


7.1- In the complete closure period, the participation of law enforcement forces will be involved in the full capacity of audit activities, especially with the cities travel restrictions between cities and the inter-cities travel restrictions will be implemented by planning comprehensive, wide participation, effective and continuous audit activities by law enforcement.


7.2- During the curb restrictions;



Arrangement of the truth of the fact that the exemption has been studied in workplaces,

Fake appointment from private health institutions,

The use of oven, grocery, grocery, butchers, manav, nuts or sweeters exceeding the fancy of the output of the exit (such as the family to go to the market),

In cases such as the use of the Farmers Registration Certificate (ÇKS), in cases that exemptions are increasingly increasingly abused by the law enforcement by the law enforcement and the control of these issues will be provided in the control of these abuses.


7.3- In order to increase the effectiveness of inter-cities travel restriction, check points will be established in all inputs and outputs of the cities in order to increase the effectiveness of the cities, and a sufficient number of lawmakers (from traffic and security units) to be appointed at checkpoints with public transportation tools or private vehicles traveling with the public transportation tools or private vehicles. Whether it will be quoted and the people who do not have a valid excuse / exemption will be permitted to be permitted.


7.4- In the full closure period to be applied to the full day, there are sufficient number of law enforcement in order to make the necessary controls around the workplaces such as the furnace, market, grocery, butcher, manav, nuts, grocery, butchers, manav, nuts, grocery, butchers, manav, nuts, grocery, butchers, manav, nuts, groceries, butchers, grocery, nuts, grocery, butchers, groceries, grocery, butchers, banafs, nuts, grocery, butchers, manav, nuts, grocery stores. In patrol and audit activities to be executed, it will be check that they do not agree with the rules of these business sites and that they do not comply with the rules and to go to the nearest place to our citizens.


Additional: From curtain restraint exempts and contacts list


Thraying that the curfew restrictions are within the scope of the exception and is limited to the cause of exemption / route;


  1. Members and employees of the TBMM,
  2. Those who are served in the provision of public order and safety (including private security officers),
  3. Enterprises with public institutions and organizations necessary for maintenance of compulsory public services (airports, ports, border gates, customs, highways, nurseries, elderly care houses, rehabilitation centers, pt, etc.), religious call centers, emergency call centers, Social support units, provincial / district epidemic audit centers, migration management, Kızılay, AFAD and the activities in the scope of the activities covered and voluntarily tasks, Cemeves, and officers,
  4. Public and private health institutions and organizations, pharmacies, veterinary clinics and animal hospitals, employees, physicians and veterinary physicians,
  5. Those with a mandatory health appointment (including blood and plasma donations to be made to Kızılay),
  6. The workspaces of medicine, medical device, medical mask and disinfectant production, transportation and operating areas related to the operating areas, employees,
  7. Construction activities with production and manufacturing facilities and employees in these places,
  8. The production, irrigation, processing, medication, harvesting, marketing and transport of vegetable and animal products,
  9. Agricultural production of agricultural production, seed, seedling, fertilizer etc. The jobs of sale of products and employees around here,
  10. Companies and employees who do domestic and out-of-country transport (including export / import / transit transitions) and their logistics,
  11. In the transport or logistics of products and / or materials (including cargo), domestic and international transport, storage and related activities are included,
  12. Employees with Hotels and Accommodations
  13. Those who will feed the street animals, the members of the animal feeding group created with the officials / voluntary employees of the animal shelters / farms / maintenance centers, and a circulation of 7486,
  14. Those who come out to meet the mandatory need of their pets provided it is limited to the front of the residence,
  15. Newspaper, magazines, radio, television and internet media organizations, media tracking centers, newspaper printing printers, newspapers with employees in these places,
  16. Fuel stations, tire repairers and employees around here,
  17. Employees with vegetables / fruits and water products wholesaler halls,
  18. Bakery and / or Bakery Mamul-licensed workplaces in which bread production is made, employees with the instruments in the distribution of the bread produced,
  19. Those who are served in the committee (religious officers, hospitals and municipants, etc.) with the first-degree relatives to the funerals,
  20. Natural Gas, Electricity, Strategically operating in the oil sector (such as thermal and natural gas cycle power plants with refinery and petrochemical plants with refinery and petrochemical plants), employees,
  21. Electricity, water, natural gas, telecommunications etc. Technical service employees with the requirement to certify that they are in a duty to maintain and remove the delivery of infrastructure systems and to provide service services to the maintenance of the malfunctions.
  22. Shipping, Water, Newspapers and Kitchen Tube Distribution Companies and Employees,
  23. The staff of the neighborhood administrations to work, cleanliness, solid waste, water and sewer, profit, spraying, fire brigade and cemetery services to carry out their service,
  24. In-city public transport (metrobus, subway, bus, filled, taxi etc.) drive and officials,
  25. Dormitory, hostel, construction site etc. Those who are served in meeting the basic needs that remain in batch places will require,
  26. Employees who are required to have workplaces with occupational health and safety in order to ensure the safety of workplaces (workplace physician, security guard, caretaker, etc.),
  27. Autism, Heavy Mental Retardation, DOWN SENDROMA, such as "special requirement", and their parent / guardian or companions,
  28. In the framework of the court decision, they will facility with children with their children (with the condition of submitting the court decision),
  29. Athlete, managers and other officials in professional sports competitions that can be played without the national athletes who will participate in domestic and international competitions and camps.
  30. The employees with the Companies, organizations and enterprises, which are the common service network, especially the banks, especially, the employees of the organization and businesses (with a minimum number of numbers),
  31. Examination officers with documents to participate in central examinations by ÖSYM (a companion from the sides of these people, brother, mother or father),
  32. Province / District Oumi HIFZISSIHHA Boards, which are permitted by the Boards of HIFZISSIHHA, are the eating and drinking places in the listening facilities located on the edge of the city roads.
  33. Lawyers with limited use of judicial tasks such as mandatory defendant / proxy, hearing, expression,
  34. The parties to go to the lawsuits and procedures on the case and execution follow-ups to the courthous, or the attendees (lawyer) to go to the mesate halls,
  35. Vehicle inspection stations and the owners with vehicle inspection appointment with the staff working around here,
  36. Ministry of National Education EBA High School TV Mtal and EBA High School TV Technical and Technical Secondary School / Institutions to be published on the Ministry of employees who continue their work in the professional and technical secondary school / institutions that carry out the fiction and assembly activities or the coordination of these studies, which are in progress.
  37. Cleaning, warming, warming, warming of apartment and sites, with the appointment / site administrators with the appointment / site administrators with the appointment / site administration. Officers who fulfill their job,
  38. The owners and employees of the workplaces, which are limited to the route of work in order to make daily maintenance and nutrition of animals at work and the workplace between the residence and workplace.
  39. Horse owners, coaches, watches and other employees, with the route of racing horses to make maintenance and feeding and preparation for races and to be limited to the route between the residence or the route between the residence or the training area.
  40. Only those who are involved in the pest and other harmful insects that are required to stay in routes that are mandatory for spraying activities and documents in the pest and other harmful insects provided that they document this situation,
  41. Free accountants, free accountant financial advisors, employed financial advisors, with respect to the reason to be dependent on the cause of exemption and are limited to their arrival.
  42. 10.00-16.00 The employees with bank branches, which will be served with a limited number of branches and staff to be determined by bank administrations.
  43. Employees around here with notars on duty.