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Hästens Bed and Accessories

Hästens beds, tailored with 100% natural materials and traditional handcrafted; "Real horse mane" is used as a filler, as well as wool and cotton. Considering that each person sweats about 0.5-1 liters in their sleep at night, the importance of the climate sleeping environment provided by The Hospital is even better understood.

The degree of hardness of your bed according to your preference, measurement, color, pattern, foot model by choosing your bed personalized and then ordered by the world's most experienced bed tailors for your custom production is hand sewn by hand in Sweden. Dual spring systems are Hästens patented.

Hästens beds, one of sweden's 168-year-old traditional and well-established companies, preferred in 38 countries around the world; quality, craftsmanship, use of natural materials and its unique design give you the healthiest and natural sleep.

Our beds are the first choice of many successful names from the world of politics, business and art around the world, especially the Royal Family of Sweden. You should definitely meet Hästens beds with a 25-year warranty, creating an ideal climate environment for a comfortable and healthy sleep. For more detailed information, seeJust call 0212 296 71 04.

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