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Warmacia on cold days ...

See the postThe feeling of a warm hug on cold days, there is no longer warm hugging pads to spend pleasant moments with an aromatherapic effect that helps you relieve your tension at the end of stressful days and to relieve your pain.😽
The interiors of these pillows planted from 100% cotton fabrics were filled with natural wheat and lavender flowers. All you have to do is setting the microwave oven to set 750 or 1000 watts and warm your pillow for 1 minute. If you are using the normal oven, you can heat your pillow in 15 minutes in the heat setting.
Since the height of the pillow is 74cm and the eni 15cm, you will relieve you easily by adapting to the area you want to heat in your body. Don't miss the price of 159.90TL!
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