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Our curtain models are renewed. Did you see? 👈
“Skitso kızları ne kadar aydınlatıyor?”... - Bonvagon

"How bright does Skitso enlighten the girls?" ...

See Post"How bright does Skitso enlighten the girls?" We shot with samples from different umbrella colors to visually show you the answer to this question and enlighten you about it. Keep in mind that we only shoot during the day, and in fact the lighting is more radiant at night. Skitso, you know, the girl's umbrella looks like it's upside down in the wind. A thin-minded light bulb is attached to the inside of the umbrella, and just as it emits light from the openness of the umbrella, the fabric of the umbrella is a porous fabric, so the light it emits illuminates the surroundings without tiring your eyes. We recommend using E14 Led bulbs in it. The E14 Led bulb normally emits the equivalent of a 60Watt light bulb. You can also review other colors by swiping photos sideways. #skitso #şemsiyelikız #aydınlatma #içmimar#interiordesign
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