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He read Patrick Süskind's Novel of Smell...

See PostHave you read Patrick Süskind's novel Smell? 😱 It tells the story of a man without a smell. It makes us think about smell. It's a reminder of how important smells really are in our lives. 👍 It is now very fashionable that our houses, where we spend a lot of time due to the pandemic, are as fragrant as the interior decoration that will make us comfortable. especially aromatherapy candles with wooden wicks will change the mood of your home alter. Our candles are hand-prepared with 100% vegetable soy paraffin and pure essential oils Aromatherapy candle is made with aromatic oils obtained from plants. In this way, it also has the characteristics of the plant. The aromatherapy candle cleans the air thanks to the anti-bacterial essential oils it contains. It is a natural candle alternative for people with asthma. Aromatherapy candles do not smell as intense as chemically scented candles. It is also possible to take advantage of aromatherapy candles by smelling them when they are not burning. This is called olfactory aromatherapy in medical language. We wish you pleasant shopping. #mum #kokulumum #ahşapfitillimum #evdekorasyonu #evdekal #aromatherapy #candle #scent
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