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Müşterimiz Sonat Hanım’ın paylaşımı: “Jean... - Bonvagon

Our customer Sonat Hanım's post: "Jean...

See PostOur client, Ms. Sonat, posted: "Jean Marrie repairs Hello, My daughter Skitso Jean Marrie, which I bought and used very fondly many years ago in an unfortunate home accident, broke her hand holding the umbrella. When I contacted Bonvagon, I was quickly given feedback and in as little as 10 days, the broken arm piece was replaced and my daughter was restored. Jean Marrie picks up where she left off to enlighten me from my bedside while reading a book😊 Thank you, BONVAGON. Yours... Sonaa " #Skitso #Masalambası #Aydınlatma #Evdekorasyonu #Abajur #Selanik #Lambader #Instagirls #Onlinealışveriş #alışveriş
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