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Our curtain models are renewed. Did you see? 👈
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Güeli comments from our men are ...

See the postThe beautiful comments from our customers are very motivating us. The following comment has beautified today. Ha, by the way, you can continue your orders during closure.

"After you start working at home, I needed an additional bookcase in my study area and I was looking for a suitable bookcase for my room and furniture for a long time. I'm looking for this model that I see it sees, the design is both a massive mixture of both massive wood, which is fully suitable to the current free space, it is definitely welcomed to be a wheelchair. Only because the product is seen, I thought the wheels will come with the stopper, the fact that the stoppers make it easy to stop the product. Thank you for being delivered as soon as I guess. "
Zuhal S.

Mitthus gamme bookshelf
Size: 140x148x40cm, Material: Metal Profile and Oak Solid Wood Shelves
Color: Black
There are wheels.
Metal components are specially sized to be mild and durable. Thanks to the electrostatic powder dye, it is resistant to scratches and impacts.
It will be sent in one piece and will also be not required.
Bonvagon is produced by our 100% domestic manufacturer on quality and order. Price: 3779,90TL
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