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İçi buğday ve lavanta çiçekleri ve buğdayla Bonvagon

In the inside of wheat and lavender flowers and wheat

See the postHave you seen the in-house wheat and lavender flowers and the cushions full of wheat? At the end of your stressful days, you can reduce your headaches, relax and relax when you want to relax. When the lavender scent takes you to other lands, you will help you to reach the peaceful spirit with the aromatherapy effect, you will enjoy wellness in your home thanks to the special sedative substances in the structure of the lava.
Use the swelling of your eyelids and refrigerate in the refrigerator to prevent the formation of the eye bags.
With anti aging, anti allergic, anti-static, anti-bacterial and air-stimulated features, you will provide a warm touch of cool winter in your skin with vegan silk fabric. The price is 114.90TL. In Bonvagon.com search bar, you can reach the products by search bar. #theybanda #aromaterapy #lavante #wellness
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