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3 Beautiful Room Fragrances to Change the Air of Your Home

The smell of your home or room is the first thing a person walking through your door notices. It may sound crazy, but it's a fact. Inviting in every home, room, office or space(in a good way)or weird(in a bad way)it has a specific odor.

The Chambers you see in the picture above are Bonvagon's new fragrances. To buy now click the link.

The sense of smell is very effective and important. For example, when you stay away from your home for a long time and you return, you feel instantly happy, or one of the biggest reasons for this is that you smell familiar smells in your home. For example, we have a Golden Retriever type dog in our home; her name is Sasha. Whenever we come home from work, his familiar smell makes a smile on our face. We are sure that your home also has distinctive and familiar odors. This can sometimes be the scent of wood furniture, bath shampoo, soap, and sometimes a pleasant cleaning scent in general. This is why home and room odors play a very important role in changing our perception positively. Having a nice-smelling home is an important advantage for all of us in terms of feeling good and increasing our joy of life.

This is how the life story of our Chambers air freshener brand began.

We have identified three most liked and preferred fragrances in our stores and in our own homes (for now). While doing this, we carried out R&D studies with one of the biggest fragrance essence producers in our country. We carefully studied dozens of different formulas and blends. We tried samples of the fragrances we liked both in our offices and in our own homes. Frankly, I can say that we had a hard time deciding. As a result, we selected three of the fragrances we tried according to the taste of our employees and customers, the quality of the essence and the permanence criteria.

Chambers Air Freshener Bonvagon

As for what these three fragrances are, the formulas of which are hidden in us;

Black Amber: Exotic Breeze

This mysterious fragrance, born from the combination of rose with amber and incense, is perfect for those who want to create an exotic atmosphere.

Soft Powder: Soft Powder

This pure room fragrance contains the right amount of matured sweet mulberry essence along with soft baby powder and helps you relax with its soft texture.

Tuberose: Tuberose

Tuberose occupies a special place among flowers. When its own womb is combined with the sweet plum, it creates a fragrance that is very difficult to give up. It gives you a feeling of both vitality and well-being.

We agreed that there should be two variables in usage patterns. The first was the reed diffuser used with bamboo sticks. We determined the second one as the instantly faster acting spray form. It was time for the bottles. Again, together with the biggest bottle manufacturers of our country, we decided on top quality 120cc and 200cc glass packages and 1000cc large crystal bottles. When used with our bamboo sticks, they can also be used as decorative accessories. We chose our sprays from easy-to-use and durable plastic bottles. We thought of many alternatives to the name and finally decided on the name Chambers, which means Rooms in English and French.

You can now buy our Chambers room fragrances both from our website and from our stores and use them for a long time.

We wish you pleasant shopping.

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