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Our curtain models are renewed. Did you see? 👈
Çok sevgili müşterimiz Nilay Hanım... - Bonvagon

Our very dear customer Is Nilay Hanım...

When our very dear client, Ms. Nilay, called us two months ago, Skitso said that she loved lighting and wanted to buy a girl and a boy Skitso in the bedroom. After talking to her several times, Ms. Nilay decided on the Marquise model of girls with kostis, the new male model of 2020. Ms. Nilay, who has been married to her husband for four years, had her weights completed in her bedroom for the first time today at work and immediately made a video. When he got home in the evening, he put the lighting on his bedside. Scroll through the photos to see kostis and marquise's settlements in their new home. Use on healthy and happy days❤️#bonvagon #skitso
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