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Size Özel Kuponları Kaçırmayın!
Size Özel Kuponları Kaçırmayın 👈
Bugün zamanda bir yolculuk yapıp... - Bonvagon

Today we will travel through time and...

Let's travel through time today and go back to 2018. We're at maison & objet in Paris. We visit the stand of Danish company Umage again in a fascinated way. Every product they make is environmentally conscious and respectful of nature, has international certificates, is built on the aim of a sustainable world from the way products are used to their packaging. The wealth and good morals of their thoughts make their country of less than six million people live on welfare. You see, when we go to fairs, we don't just go to buy. We try to change our world view, improve it and bring what we have taken to you by embodying it in Bonvagon. We continue to bring these products together with you, hopeing that 2021 will be better than the year we live in. If you have Umage lighting in mind, it's time to create your pre-order. Your lighting may also be included in the products to be delivered at the end of January. For the details you want to ask us from DM, destek@bonvagon.com or 0216 314 07 02 during working hours on weekdays. #sürdürülebilirbirdünya #aydınlatma
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