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Bonvagon Sevimli Dee Puf Basic.... - Bonvagon

Bonvagon Cute Dee Puff Basic....

Go To PostBonvagon Cute Dee Puff Basic. A very cute design and a quality product I was seeing Bonvagon products on instagram. I loved this puff, but I wasn't planning on buying it at all. After all, there's no need for another pufa in the house. But I was so attracted to this design that I started looking at its colors every day. I decided to take it one day, but I didn't dare. I had never buyed furniture online.... I finally ordered the burgundy color. They said it would be produced in 15 days and shipped home. Customer relations serve well. We all loved that cute Dee puff came home. The fabric is high quality and soft. He came in with his feet disassembled and hung out with ease. I use it as a puff and a coffee table. Because it's lightweight, it can be moved anywhere. I love it, I love it. I'm not disappointed. Thank you, Bonvagon. Mine Y. Turkey. ❤️❤️❤️ #musterimemnuniyeti online shopping #puf #mutluluk #özel #üretim
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