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You can give a man in your life to a man in bonjagon.

See PostThere are very special gifts in Bonjagon that you can give to the man in your life. We have a choice for you today. One is a moustache ice-shaped ice. This silicone freezer with tiny little moustaches comes in the freezer box. The second is a Lexon laptop. This bag of 29x41cm is a bag with both the laptop and all the accessories that are relevant to the business. The three will open for a purpose. The wood-holding place, the corkscrew, it will open and it will work very well with a rake-cutting knife. The fourth is a steel matara shaped like a moustache. It's funny and it comes in a pocket-sized chic box. The fourth one is a hook key ring. A great key ring that allows the key to be safely moved with a locked hook. You can also learn the price information by scrolling to the side of the photos by clicking on the product details and on them. #erkekhediye #hediye
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