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Better Vibes Cam Fanusta Portakal Tarçın ve Kara Bonvagon

Orange Cinnamon and Black in the Better Vibes Glass Bell

View Post Better Vibes Large Candle with Orange Cinnamon and Clove Scented in Glass Bell

Our New Year's candles are ready to burn, to revive our hopes.

Think of a scent

A scent that will come alive in your memories every time the new year approaches from now on.

It will give you joy, distract you from your worries, invigorate.

Think of a scent that will provide you with 100% natural herbal essential oils in its content and make you feel the joy of the New Year until the end.

Think of the dance of orange, cinnamon, and cloves in your home..

Product content: 320 ml This candle, which is designed in a limited number in a large glass lantern, is too many to last for a month :)

Our aromatherapy candles are handcrafted with 100% herbal soy paraffin and pure essential oils. Aromatherapy candle is made with aromatic oils derived from plants. In this way, it also carries the characteristics of the plant. Aromatherapy candle cleans the air thanks to the anti-bacterial essential oils it contains. It is a natural candle alternative for those suffering from asthma.

Aromatherapy candles do not give off intense odor like chemical scented candles. At the same time, it is possible to smell aromatherapy candles when they are not lit. This is called olfactory aromatherapy in medical language. Since our candles are made by hand, each one may show minimal visual differences.
Our products do not contain any chemical materials.
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