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Annesi Zübeyde Hanım gazeteci ve... - Bonvagon

Her mother, Zubeyde Hanım, is a journalist and...

In the interview of her mother, Zübeyde Hanım journalist and historian Enver Behnan Şapolyo, she said, "I gave birth to my Mustafa in the cold of erbain." When King Edward VIII of England asked for Ataturk's birthday to celebrate, Ataturk stated it as May 19, 1881, because he did not know his real birthday. Happy birthday to Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, a statesman who has declared even his dedicated date of birth the day his country was born! It's a good thing you gave us this beautiful country! We're on leave🇹🇷 #atatürk #atamizindeyiz #19mayıs
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